of an era and the old building was sold and demolished.

New Beginning: The new Sunshine Farm roadside stand was built on the property and finished Oct. 2003.  It now houses a modern produce area, ice cream shop and bakery.  Come on by and check out our new farm stand will reminisce about the old stand.

History: in 1927, James D. Geoghegan started Sunshine Dairy on Union Ave in Framingham.  In March 1937 he purchased the farm in Sherborn with a cow barn that milked 45 Holsteins.  A retail store and bottling plant was built that summer at the farm.  Milk was iced and home delivered by horse and wagon in the 30’s and trucks in the 40’s.  In the 1950’s an ice cream manufacturing plant was added to the dairy.  Sunshine Dairy Ice Cream was a premium 14% butterfat ice cream, “made on the farm.”  “The Dairy” was THE PLACE to hang out in the 40’s and 50’s before the days of shopping malls and convenience stores.  Eventually boarding horses replaced cows and strawberries and sweet corn replaced hay.  A family style restaurant also flourished on the farm through the 80’s.  1996 marked the end

















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